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East Midlands Education Trust (EMET) is a partnership of schools originally formed in September 2014. We have grown to a trust of over 20 schools with a tight geographical focus on the counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire.  

Our mission is to raise the educational standards and improve the life chances of all the children within our partnership.  Our schools are high performing schools representing the full age range of 3-19, along with an alternative education provider, and place great emphasis on collaborative working across the Trust within a family of schools approach.

Our schools enjoy a high degree of ‘aligned autonomy’ whilst, at the same time, being supported by a central trust team who help ensure our schools provide the highest quality of provision possible.  


News Update

New Primary School for the Snelsmoor Grange housing estate at Boulton Moor

We are delighted to have been chosen to open a new primary school in Derby City, to serve the new housing estate of Snelsmoor Grange adjacent to Chellaston. Very shortly, we will begin a formal consultation for the new school which will be a 315 place school with 39 places in reception and is scheduled to open next September 2023.

New school plan


Proposed catchment area

Successful Ofsted Inspections Outcomes continue to come through..... 

Following the successful 'Good' outcome of Mornington Primary School's Ofsted inspection earlier this term, further primaries in the trust have also received visits. The inspection reports for Street Lane Primary School (published  October 2022) and Kimberley Primary School (published  November 2022) show both these schools also to be rated Ofsted 'Good' schools and the trust is equally delighted by the judgements.  Many congratulations to all the staff, governors and children of the schools whose hard work made these outcomes possible. Parents have schools they can be rightly proud of.