East Midlands Education Trust

Our mission

The Trust was established to improve the life chances of students in all partner schools. The mission of the Trust is consequently clear and straightforward:

‘To ensure all our students realise their full potential and develop into young citizens who make a positive contribution to society.’

Schools within the Trust are therefore committed to supporting each other in providing the very best quality of education for all our students.  All partner schools pledge to achieve the Trust’s mission through following our six guiding principles:

  • Providing outstanding opportunities for everyone associated with our Trust and delivering a lasting legacy for each individual student.
  • Helping all our students realise their full potential by raising aspirations, boosting self-esteem and growing the confidence to aim high and achieve well.
  • Developing work ready students with the skills, knowledge, expertise and character aligned to the needs of employers in a global world, which will prepare them for future success in further and higher education as well as employment.
  • Developing active citizens with a sense of moral purpose who will contribute positively to their local community, wider society and by leading successful economically independent lives.
  • Reducing disadvantage by closing the gap through inspirational teaching and outstanding enrichment opportunities for all students regardless of ability, social background and cultural diversity.
  • Ensuring, through collaboration with all stakeholders, that each school is the preferred choice within its local community.